So I know I promised you that part 2 of my Festive Feasting post would be another review of the best Christmas sandwiches on the market but it all got a little out of hand in December. Below is a selection of turkey based treats that I ate throughout the festive period – including my actual Christmas Dinner on the 25th December that I’m still thinking about right this second. Enjoy (and sorry if I ruin your January detox)…


Above is the Boots Christmas Sandwich – it was extremely disappointing. Don’t bother next year.


This impressive looking delight was from the Co-op – I wasn’t quite sure about the carrots and parsnips but it was moist and tasty and I was quite impressed.


This was not so tasty. Our work canteens festive feast – better luck next time maybe.


Molly Bakes gingerbread men – dreamy.


One of my favourite things about Christmas this year was one Sunday spent at my parents friends house with all the family and some of their close friends. There was an incredible selection of food to feast on, including one of the best Christmas sandwiches I’ve ever had and mini cheese and ham toasties that made my mouth water. I also fell in love with red wine and got far too drunk with my Mum for a school night.



The Pret veggie full works was interesting. It tasted a bit like a nutty citrus mush and I wasn’t keen. The crispy onions slightly saved it but I’ll stick to the meaty one next year.


I know it has nothing to do with Christmas but the Artichoke dip at Chucks is well worth a mention and I ate it in December so it kind of counts.







This is me pre Christmas Day feast. My lips are brilliant aren’t they.


Festive hamper from Fortnum & Mason. I love Christmas.





IMG_1212Incase you weren’t already aware, I really enjoy a Christmas sandwich. This year me and my friends took it to a whole new level and had an evening of festive fun creating the best Christmas Sandwiches in the world.

I also sampled the Pret Christmas Wrap and the Costa Festive Toastie – neither really blew my mind but were pretty satisfying at the time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to more turkey, cranberry and stuffing next year. Bring it on.

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