This weekend Taste of London came to the Tobacco Dock in Wapping for 4 gastronomic days of food, drink and good vibes, celebrating everything that London’s food scene has to offer this winter. The venue was impressive and the atmosphere was brilliant but it was the food that won me over, with an abundance of wonderful dishes from London’s top restaurants and some incredible food brands exhibiting their amazing produce I had an amazing day with my friends and couldn’t recommend it more if you want to spend the day stuffing your face and being merry.

IMG_5984.JPGIMG_5986.JPGIMG_5992.JPGIMG_5990.JPGThe first thing I put in my mouth was this sensational fried toffee donut, kindly given to me by the lovely people on the Deliveroo stand. The donut itself was from Bird and I’ve now put it right on the top of my ‘places to go’ list because it was a dream.

IMG_5997.JPGIMG_5999.JPGIMG_5993.JPGIMG_5995.JPGIMG_6010.JPGIMG_6009.JPGHixter’s Yorkshire Pudding with Whipped Chicken Livers was outstanding and the Glenarm Estate Sirloin Steak Slipper with Scrumpy Fried Onions was tender, succulent and delicious.

IMG_6006.JPGThe Hyderabadi Duck Haleem (slow cooked duck stew) from Roti Chai was one of my favourite dishes, it was tasty and meaty and the crispy onions topped it off perfectly.

IMG_6051.JPGIMG_6052.JPGIMG_6001.JPGIMG_6027.JPGIMG_6031.JPGIMG_6034.JPGClub Gascon‘s Truffled Cracking Slow-Cooked Egg was a bit like eating soggy hay but in a weirdly moorish and opulent way it was still delicious. It was definitely not for everyone and wasn’t the best thing I ate all day but the runny yolk and crunchy hay (I still don’t really know what it was) worked well together and I’m glad I tried it.

IMG_6036.JPGIMG_6038.JPGIMG_6039.JPGIMG_6040.JPGJamie Oliver’s Barbecoa absolutely smashed it with the short rib which ended up being a firm favourite between my friends. It was juicy and meaty and the sauce was absolutely sensational.

IMG_6041.JPGBrindisa Tapas Kitchens served up Potato and Meat Croqueta with Alioli and Brava Sauce and it was scrumptious. The flavours worked really well together and the textures were perfect. I never go for tapas in London but this dish reminded me of being in Barcelona and I’m tempted to go and try out what else they have on offer.

IMG_6014.JPGThese Bailey’s Birthay Cake shots were fucking delightful. Bailey’s, whipped cream and sprinkles – WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!

IMG_6022.JPGIMG_6018.JPGIMG_6024.JPGThe biggest queue we waited in all day was the one for Ember Yard and it was well worth it. The Iberico Pork Ribs with Quince Glaze and Squash Puree were sensational. I didn’t get to try the Charcoal Grilled Octopus Pinchos with Saffron Alioli but my friend got them and they did look delicious.

IMG_6048.JPGIMG_6049.JPGI finished off the day with Padron Peppers from the 5* Action Against Hunger stand and was lucky not to get a hot one to blow my head off. They were the perfect end to a perfect day of eating and I couldn’t have been more satisfied by the end of it all.

IMG_6043.JPGIMG_6046.JPGTaste will be back in Hyde Park over the summer so if you’re into your food then get a ticket, get a group of friends together and I’ll see you there.

Big shout out to Joey for the tickets too, you’re the best!


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