Bunnychow have recently opened their doors in soho after touring the city in their street food van and popping up at Boxpark in Shoreditch. Lucky for me they decided to settle in at a location not too far from where I work and I obviously couldn’t resist making friends with them as soon as they opened. Being nice gets you everywhere in this world because tonight they invited me and 20 odd people from work to come down and sample the wondrous delicacy that is a “bunny”.

The history behind Bunnychow is fascinating and gives the restaurant a whole new dimension that most food establishments lack. It’s all to do with apartheid and discrimination in South Africa many years ago and the sneaky method restaurants used to use to sneak hot food to black people when it was against the law to serve them. The restaurants would pass loafs of bread with hot meals hidden inside them through a hatch in the wall so that they could take food home to their families without getting caught.

Bunnychow have turned this depressing piece of history into a brilliant concept where you can get away with eating a hollowed out lump of freshly baked dough, piled high with delicious fillings. These fillings consist of things like pulled pork, sausages and onion gravy, cheesy beans and halloumi, Thai fragrant chicken and squash and monkey gland meatballs. No actual monkey glands or bunny rabbits are harmed in the process though so don’t worry! By the time you’ve got through your filling you’re left with a deliciously soggy and wonderfully tasty bread roll to feast on. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

They do loads of other things like flat loafs and incredible salads and they have a breakfast menu that will make your mouth water. They make their own popcorn and sweet treats as well as a selection of healthy juices with brilliant names like ‘Ginger Spice’ so you can imagine my excitement when I first went in!

This place isn’t a sit down restaurant that you’d take a first date but it’s the perfect lunch option of after work bite to eat and if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth a visit. The food is filling, delicious and really reasonably priced. Absolutely no complaints from me or from any of the team members for that matter.

Thank you Bunnychow, we will be back.









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