Last weekend was the launch of London’s best ever popup Night Tales . You may remember me ranting on about how amazing it was last year and I’m going to rant on about it again right now. They have quite literally pulled out ALL the stops this time round and managed to secure each and every one of London’s best food vendors for a 7 week stretch at Old Street’s Red Market. I can’t quite put into words how happy I was when I found out that Voodoo Rays, Patty & Bun, The Rum Kitchen and Yum Bun were all going to be under one roof. Well it’s not exactly a roof and more of a gazebo but that’s not the point. It’s undercover, it’s heated and it’s set over two floors. There are 3 bars, loads of seating and an interesting selection of music that will ensure your weekends are full of happiness for the next 7 weeks. Get there early or you’ll be queueing and make sure you manage to make your way round at least 3 of the food stalls on each trip. I plan on going at least 4 more times this winter and I can’t bloody wait.

Voodoo Rays pizza is the best you’ll ever come across this side of the ocean and the skinny fries at Patty & Bun with chicken skin salt and roast chicken mayo are literally the epitome of the phrase ‘to die for’. You can’t not try the chicken burger from The Rum Kitchen and the pork steamed bun from Yum Bun is a dream. An obvious winner is the Ari Gold burger from Patty & Bun but you should all know this by now if you read my blog. I don’t think they need any more praise from me.

I drunkenly sampled a grilled cheese sandwich from Morty & Bob’s – newbies (or new to me) on the street food scene. From what I remember this was heaven but soon after I ate it I smashed my phone and embarrassed myself so I’m going to have to go back and have it again just to be sure.

I’ve still got loads to try and I can’t wait to go back soon. Next time I’ll try not to be so drunk and I’ll take more photos. Hopefully I’ll have a new phone too. Get your butts down there this weekend, it’s honestly fucking brilliant.












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