If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you’ll know I’m really not one to write a negative review and most of the time I’m easily pleased when it comes to food. I really wanted to like this place and I had high hopes considering my current obsession with lobster rolls but I’ve just got home from dinner at Lobster Kitchen and I wasn’t overly impressed.

I’d say the main reason I’m not grinning from ear to ear is because my once shiny, washed hair now smells like fried fish and I still feel abnormally unsatisfied. The thing is, it’s not actually that bad. If you’re in the area and you use the 50% off voucher they’re emailing out to anyone in their ‘Claw Club‘ then it’s worth the trip but I definitely wouldn’t go out my way or pay full price for what it is. What it is, let me tell you is a cramped little lobster hut that shares a doorway and toilet with VQ. It’s just that little bit too small and ever so slightly too warm for my liking. The guy who served me was nice enough but other than him the service was crappy, my lobster roll (and quite a few others around me) were marginally burnt, the seasoning and fillings were average (the Asian had nothing but a dash of sweet chilli sauce on it) they were all out of deep fried lobster legs, slightly stingy with the less than average sweet potato fries and the soft drinks options were poor. They could really have done with someone greeting people on the door, louder music, better fillings and a seating system. The decor was nice and it had quite a good vibe and nice crowd but the lack of music and just ‘okay’ food meant it just didn’t quite hit the spot. You can’t even compare the lobster rolls to Smack‘s and they really need to take a leaf or two out of Patty & Bun‘s book when it comes to atmosphere. Like I said if you’re in the area then download a voucher and try it for yourself because if you’ve not got much to compare it to then you’ll probably really enjoy yourself but I’ve just become a little picky when it comes to crustaceans these days.


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