This weekend Taste of London came to the Tobacco Dock in Wapping for 4 gastronomic days of food, drink and good vibes, celebrating everything that London's food scene has to offer this winter. The venue was impressive and the atmosphere was brilliant but it was the food that won me over, with an abundance of... Continue Reading →


Bunnychow have recently opened their doors in soho after touring the city in their street food van and popping up at Boxpark in Shoreditch. Lucky for me they decided to settle in at a location not too far from where I work and I obviously couldn't resist making friends with them as soon as they... Continue Reading →


Today was the day that I finally got round to sitting in bed eating Christmas sandwiches. It's been a while since I decided that I was going to take my obsession to the next level and do an extremely serious review of the best thing that's come out of christmas since brie and cranberry filo... Continue Reading →


Last weekend was the launch of London's best ever popup Night Tales . You may remember me ranting on about how amazing it was last year and I'm going to rant on about it again right now. They have quite literally pulled out ALL the stops this time round and managed to secure each and... Continue Reading →


If you're a regular reader of this blog then you'll know I'm really not one to write a negative review and most of the time I'm easily pleased when it comes to food. I really wanted to like this place and I had high hopes considering my current obsession with lobster rolls but I've just... Continue Reading →


Last week I was one of the lucky few who got to go to the Heddon Street Kitchen soft opening. I took my mother, my Aunty and by bestest friend in the whole wide world to experience the wonder that is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. It was a delightful evening of delicious cocktails, good company... Continue Reading →


Today I spent some quality time with my sweet toothed friend Dani. She loves sugar and Disney and she's a freak (in the best possible way) so what better place to spend an hour than in Hamleys. We treated ourselves to milkshakes and cakes and pretended we were three for a bit. Two children decided... Continue Reading →

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