For my 100th blog post I’ve decided to review my favourite restaurant in London. I went back in April for my birthday but never got round to doing a post. Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden is at the very top of my list of restaurant recommendations and I think it’s going to take something pretty special to beat it.


This is their ‘Chips & Dips’ which is like a giant popadom with guacamole and salsa. Its extremely moorish and delicious and the perfect accompaniment to the cocktails which I forgot to take a photograph of.


This is obviously grilled corn. I can never resist a nice corn on the cob and this was the creme de la creme of corn on the cob.


These were like Japanese arancini balls – they were hot and crispy and gooey and amazing.


Tempura vegetables are always a good choice and these were obviously divine.


For the main we shared the flat iron steak and crispy duck buns. There are no words. The buns are called Oishii buns are are becoming quite popular – you can even get them at Yo Sushi now and they are fucking beautiful. They’re soft and squidgy and sweet. Combined with the meat, pickles and sauce there really isn’t a greater combination and if you haven’t tried them yet, you must.


As you can see, dessert was a right treat. Its not every day your waitress bring a fire to your table for you to make s’mores. You cannot go to Flesh & Buns and not try the s’mores, you literally cannot. They are INSANE.

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