A few weeks ago my manager won the Instagram competition at Dirty Bones and chose me as the lucky person to join her for a free meal. I’m never one to turn down free food so I went along for a post fashion week celebratory dinner at High Street Kensington’s newest hot dog joint.

Louise had been banging on about the place after she visited, on my recommendation at the end of January so I was really excited by the time I actually got to go. Dirty Bones by day is just your average hot dog stand, serving up just the one dog in the middle of High Street Kensington; but once the clock strikes 6 it turns into so much more. Go through the secret door and down the ‘red light district’ esque stairs and you will find yourself at the hostess’ pinball machine. The hostess herself was a dream, all big hair and sultry voice as she directs you over to the bar for appropriately named cocktails whilst you wait. We weren’t waiting for anything because our table was ready but we enjoyed our cocktails on the comfy low sofas in the dimly lit bar area anyway.

After we took our seats and ordered more cocktails it really didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted. We went for two dogs; the Asian and the Mexican. Sounds like a dodgy porno I know but was actually a great combination. To accompany our dogs we went for fried chicken, garlic buns and the glazed and charred sweetcorn. The dogs were a lot harder than expected, I’m used to biting through a soft hot dog bun to find an equally soft sausage inside it (forgive me again for making this sound incredible filthy) but Dirty Bones hot dogs have a much firmer texture than any sausage I’ve ever tasted before. (Again, filth but there’s not really any way around it when describing sausages). The chicken was dreamy, apparently they cook it in boiling water before they deep fry it to ensure it’s soft and juicy texture. The garlic buns were essentially just posh garlic bread which was great with the sweetcorn smothered on top.

The meal was delicious and I was very impressed but it wasn’t until the dessert came out that I was really blown away. Your options are simply Milk & Cookies or Coffee & Donuts; Warm chewy cookie dough cookies with milk flavoured ice cream or warm sugared donuts with coffee flavoured ice cream. The Coffee & Doughnut was the winner for me and I’d go back for that alone.

It was far classier than I expected it to be with a name like Dirty Bones and I blame the location. There’s nothing dirty about it and in my eyes that’s a good thing. Well worth the trip out of the Central/east London area and definitely worth the money. Big up yourself Dirty Bones.














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