Once upon a time in a far away land… (I’d like to write this entire post fairytale style but I’ll refrain)

I don’t usually go for drinks in the city but after attending the launch of The Fable in St Paul’s I may make it a thing. It’s taken me a while to post this because I’ve been busy but last week I attended the opening of Drake and Morgan’s latest fairytale themed venture. We were greeted with glasses of prosecco and fed an array of intricate little canapés throughout the evening. They’d put so much thought into every little detail and although I wouldn’t necessarily say they were the best canapés I’ve ever tasted they were definitely the prettiest. They had cocktail bars dotted around the ground floor as you came in where we were served drinks out of a metal teapot with dry ice, carrot and cucumber cocktails that tasted like a crack addicts version of a juice fast and glasses of prosecco with floating flowers. All very beautiful and imaginative and like something out of a fairytale.

I’d like to have got some better pictures of the food and I would really have liked to try it all but thanks to the kind of good looking, northern and if not a little arrogant kitchen manager directing all the waitresses away from the people hovering around the kitchen (standard) I didn’t really get the chance.

There were cheese and wine tastings, story tellers, a free bar and the music was good. It was an interesting crowd, not all city wankers, a few bloggers and just generally a load of people making the most of the free bar.

Those of you that read my post about The Anthologist a couple of weeks ago will probably recognise that that was also a Drake and Morgan bar. I gather they’re all fairly similar, not your average city bar, something a bit more special. The food served in the restaurant looked really good and I plan on going back to sample it properly some time soon. I’ve already started recommending The Fable to people for after work drinks and I’d definitely go back with friends. It seems like Drake & Morgan are a really great chain of bars and I look forward to sampling them all.

The end.


















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