So I’ve decided to add a new feature to this blog. Rather than just restaurant reviews I want to bore you all with My Week In Food. A fascinating insight into all the delicious things that grace my lips on a weekly basis. Please do tell me if you don’t give a shit but I feel like the odd recipe here and there never hurt anyone and who doesn’t want to see how many Creme Eggs I can consume in 48 hours?!

So I’ll start with Saturday’s romantic meal for two that I cooked for my favourite Scottish Ginger Jew Samantha. Those of you that follow me on Instagram (@lucydelane for those of you that don’t) will know about my obsession with Rosie Londoners Guilt Free Egg Fried Rice. Rosie is my favourite blogger, not only is she insanely beautiful and has the body of a goddess but she eats better than I do and she’s better in the kitchen than I ever could dream of being. Check out the recipe and try it yourself if you want to cut out carbs but stuff your face with the most delicious fake rice you’ve ever tasted. I served it with teriyaki marinated pan fried salmon fillets, long stem broccoli, edamame beans, baby corn, asparagus and baby courgettes. I also served my own personal favourite ‘fake crispy seaweed’ which is just curly kale oven roasted with salt, a little bit of sesame oil and soy until it resembles something oriental and delicious. Try it, trust me.




Over the entire weekend I consumed FIVE Creme Eggs. That’s over 900 calories worth of goody yumminess and I’m not even sorry.



When I wake up on a Sunday and I’m immensely hungover the first thing that usually crosses my mind is what I’m going to eat. The second thing that crosses my mind is how possible is it for me to drag myself out of bed and make the 10 minute journey to Chuck burger bar in Hatch End. Luckily this Sunday I made it. Popeye’s artichoke dip, Firebomb chilli, Buffalo chicken wings and sweet potato fries. Every time. Oh and the Sober Sunday mocktail that somehow makes everything better.


Sunday nights post Chuck dinner actually happened to be pretty healthy. I baked a portobello mushroom with olive oil, rock salt, crème fresh and grated courgette. This goes into the oven for about 15 minutes and is served on a bed of rocket with some balsamic drizzle. A dollop of cheese on top would go a treat but with the amount of chocolate I consumed over the weekend it wasn’t entirely necessary.


I find it totally impossible to enter Marks & Spencer’s without buying into some kind of new line or product. This time was no different. The pitta chips from Costco are the dreamiest thing ever and now M&S have basically cloned then and made my life complete. Dipped into my favourite beetroot and mint dip there isn’t really a more enjoyable snack to nibble on. I had it for a pre breakfast treat – as you do, but I highly recommend it with a glass of wine after a long day at work. Boom.


The lovely people at Cuckoo did a nice big drop off of Bircher muesli pots so we have been feasting on these for breakfast this week. They’re available to buy at Selfridges and are WELL NICE!



Mondays nights dinner was another sticky teriyaki salmon fillet with bean sprouts and samphire. I use the Wagamama teriyaki sauce and it’s a dream. Highly recommended for the lazy types like me.


Tuesday nights meal gets it’s own separate blog post so hold tight, it’s coming…

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