Bobs & co have just opened their pop up in The Rising Sun pub at St Paul’s. With a tag line of ‘the van is coming’ and free foam claws for anyone confident enough to grab them this place is a winner if you’re looking for the best lobster rolls in London. I’d heard about Bob from a number of trusted sources and I’d been itching to get over to the city as soon as I realised I could have my own foam claw photo shoot in a dimly lit room full of strangers. It wasn’t actually full of strangers though because we got there at 6pm. It was relatively easy to find with the help of google maps and my wonderful friend hannah and we didn’t have to queue which was a plus. The decor is so endearing, we were sucked in by the red check table cloth, garage like features and friendly staff. It really added to our experience that ‘Bob’ was sat at the bar with his back to us and that our waitress had the enthusiasm of a bunny on crack. In a good way. She was keen like I would be if I worked in a restaurant and I loved it. We ordered Shrimp & Gritz and Lobster Bisque to share and a Lobster Roll each. It was all fucking sensational. The fries and homemade mayo were divine and every single bite was delicious. I didn’t even complain when the wine came in a regular glass and not a wine glass and for me that’s a big deal. It was £30 a head with one drink which I guess for lobster is pretty reasonable. I was kind of expecting to be eating street food in a van on the side of the road and it wasn’t like that at all so I was very impressed. Get your asses down there soon because it’s only a pop up and it’s good, and you get foam claws so you’d be dumb to miss out!













After Bobs we headed down to The Anthologist for some of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever tasted.






I ordered a goldfish bag cocktail and got a sandwich bag full of alcohol and a fish shaped piece of grapefruit skin. It was strange but delicious and I was very impressed. I’m also slightly tipsy whilst writing this. Good times.

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