Some of you may remember my first ever blog post where I went on and on about Chooks in Muswell Hill. That place is still up there on my list of favourites and without a doubt the best buttermilk fried chicken I’ve ever had. The people who own Chooks also have a place called Monkey Nuts in Crouch End and even though it had been on my list for ages (I’d been lots as a child but not since I knew anything about food) I just so happened to stumble across it one day when looking for something to eat in a pre January bid to eat everything in sight before my diet starts. Yeah, I know, I’ve not been that good this January but you’ve got to give me some credit, I tried.

Monkey Nuts it’s basically the place you take your entire family if you have children and you probably complain about service and leave hating it but I think going in twos, ordering carefully and not having high expectations is the way to go about it. It doesn’t even compare to Chooks but I really enjoyed my meal and it did exactly what I wanted to on that random afternoon binge. Not a monkey nut in sight though… Slightly disappointing.

We got the starter platter to share which was booooom. The wings were slightly dry but moorish, the halloumi skewers were delicious and the onion rings where on point. They were just like the onions rings at Chooks which are my second favourite onion rings ever (first place goes to The Delisserie). We shared the veggie quesadilla and the chicken salad for our mains, both in some kind of lunch time deal that made our meal ridiculously cheap and worthwhile. Service was ok, not amazing but not terrible and the food was good for what it was. I’ll take my children there when I have them, unless of course they turn into miniature food snobs and request the finer things in life, in which case I’m fucked.




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