Just before Christmas I spent a week pretty much eating out every night. Somehow, in the middle of all the shopping, getting drunk and being hungover I got so carried with it all that I never actually managed to write up the reviews. Obviously now it’s been a good month since the food entered my system so I can’t promise a completely detailed description of each meal but I can briefly touch on what was good and what was bad and anything I miss out will be made up for in pictures. Because obviously I did not forget about taking those.

Firstly, as a birthday celebration for one of my favourite people I went for dinner at The Riding House Cafe. I’d been before for drinks but had never eaten a meal there so I was excited. I’ve been meaning to go for Sunday Brunch because I’ve heard nothing but good things about their milkshakes served in milk bottles and their (pretty much) all day breakfast. It just never spend Sundays in Central London so it hasn’t happened yet. We were seated in the main restaurant, which in comparison to the bar area was pretty lifeless and disappointing. It kind of felt unnecessarily posh and pretentious which doesn’t really bode well in my books. The food was good. Not exactly mind blowing but tasty and we all really enjoyed our mains. We ordered the Chorizo Hash Brown which is actually in Time Out magazine’s ‘Posh Nosh for Less Dosh’ article this week. At £11 it’s a steal and a great option if you’re worried about about money. In hindsight I kind of wish I’d gone for the beef Wellington or lobster lasagne and skipped the starters because I wasn’t overly impressed with our sweet potato fritters or slow roasted pork belly. The dessert (actually not pictured) and the Frangellico Toblerone milkshake was divine though and ended the meal on a high. I’ll be going back to sample brunch some time soon so I’ll keep you posted but it’s not currently that high up on my list if recommendations. The list is pretty long though so what do you expect?






Secondly, due to winning a work incentive where my manager and I Received some Selfridges vouchers for having the best decorated desks in the office (I turned my computer screen into a Christmas Pudding!) we were able to go to Hix for a celebratory dinner one evening. I’d been to the Soho restaurant before and was more than happy to go back to feast on steak and chips. The meal was divine. We were seated directly above Balenciaga so I got to sit and stare at all the beautiful bags which really aided my meal. Everything we ate was delicious. For starters we had Caribbean crisps with guacamole and little smoked salmon and chive tarts, both yummy and served beautifully. For main we obviously went for the sirloin steak with bernaise sauce, chips and a side of broccoli. It was absolutely banging and I’m salivating thinking about it now. Dessert was also a dream, honeycomb ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and a portion of truffles. Simple but very effective and ever so delicious.







The third and final place I ate at on my pre Christmas restaurant binge was VQ Bloomsbury, a 24 hour restaurant with a bar license that means you can drink in there (as long as you’re eating too) till the early hours of the morning and then technically all through the day too. The menu is sensational. There is so much choice and so many amazing options you’ll be in there a while just deciding what to have. There’s a real variety and ‘something for everyone’ including 24 hour breakfast, chilli con carne, spaghetti & meatballs and fish ‘n’ chips. I was there on more of a drinking session than eating so I don’t think I experienced it to it’s full potential. We ordered a selection of snacky things for the table and all picked. The truffle potato crips with blue cheese dip and the sweet potato fries were the winners for me. Absolutely spot on drinking snacks and I recommend them both to help the wine go down. Near enough everything was delicious, the atmosphere was buzzing the staff were exceptional but the only thing I have a bad word to say about was the bang bang chicken salad. It’s not often I come across something I really don’t like but there was one ingredient in this dish that seriously upset me and I actually couldn’t eat it. Other than that everything was great and I cannot wait to get down there at 6am for Eggs Benedict and a cocktail!






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