I’m not exactly hard to please when it comes to food, in all honesty I pretty much love everything. I more or less get just as excited about an aeroplane meal as I do about going out for dinner. In my opinion food is food and if I get to eat then I’m excited but the meal I experienced tonight totally and utterly demolishes that statement. Sticks & Sushi in Covent Garden may have changed the way I feel about food forever and I’ve never been more excited to tell you about a restaurant. I’ve been going to far too many burger restaurants and diners since I started this blog and I feel like when I say ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted’ your minds are clouded by all the brioche buns and rosemary fries and you can’t fully appreciate how I feel. Tonight I experienced a meal beyond anything I’ve eaten in the past year or so and I’m finding it hard to put into words just how great it was. Sticks and Sushi was originally opened in Copenhagen, they have a restaurant in Wimbledon and more recently their latest venture in Covent Garden.

The great thing about this place is the choice. Nothing annoys me more than people who ‘don’t like sushi’ but even those ignorant idiots will be more than happy amongst the little sticks of heaven they serve up in this place. The choice is insane, some may even say it’s confusing but you’ve just got to take your time and browse the menu with care and it’s not a problem. There are photographs of everything on the menu so you’ve got no excuse not to know what you’re ordering. There’s even a set menu for the lazy people that don’t find pleasure in picking each dish. I recommend sharing, which is what we did. We basically ordered a banquet of food for two and demolished each bit one by one with complete and utter happiness spread across our faces. They let me take a menu home so I’m going to talk you through every single item of food that graced my lips in great detail. I apologise if I go on a bit. We started with edamame beans tossed in supreme soy. They put your average run of the mill edamame beans to shame and just absolutely smashed it from the start. These were followed by the Beef Tataki which was the most divine combination of seared fillet of beef, smoked cheese, chives, yuzu dressing, soy roasted almonds and spicy goma dressing. We were told we absolutely had to try the Ebi Bites because they were apparently (and I quote) ‘the food equivalent to crack’. Somehow they managed to make these little bites of tempura shrimp, chilli, coriander, pepper, miso, aïoli and fresh lime taste like miniature niblets of heaven and you cannot give them a miss. Choosing our sticks was a hard decision, there are over 25 to choose from and they all sounded sensational. After much deliberation we went for bacon with emmental, goats cheese with dried ham and scallops in bacon with herb butter. Great choices if I do say so myself and the perfect option for the sushi phobic people of the world. My favourite of the three was the goats cheese and ham and I genuinely don’t possess the words in my vocabulary to tell you why. We chose 3 dressings to dunk these sticks in; terryaki, wasabi & aïoli. They were all divine. For those of you (naive ignorant silly people) who think sushi has to be raw fish, you’re wrong. We in fact didn’t have any raw fish at all. We went for a portion of avocado maki and probably my favourite dish of the meal; marinated duck breast in rice paper, avocado, coriander, lettuce, cucumber & goma dressing. The whole thing was just perfection. The presentation and appearance of everything was spectacular and the taste was absolutely spot on. For dessert we got the four tasters which consisted of white chocolate with sweet miso & popped rice, vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate fondant with caramel & hazelnut brittle and matcha green tea ice cream with dark chocolate. As if this wasn’t enough we also ordered the Lemon, Yuzu & Meringue dessert aka sorbet with orange, lemon meringue, lemon curd, small lemon pearls and lime. It was just sensational. The crème brûlée was the winner for me and when I go back I am going in on one of the big ones on my own. Fact.

Our waiter Andreas was delightful, the service was spot on, the decor and atmosphere is minimal but fitting and all in all I can’t fault it. 10/10, I will be back. Who’s coming?



















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