It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Partly because I’ve been lazy and partly because I’ve been jumping on the bandwagon and having a healthy January. Lucky for me, the lovely people at The Rum Kitchen in Carnaby Street invited me down to break this health streak and ruin my detox with some absolutely delicious Caribbean food and rum cocktails. The Rum Kitchen have a restaurant in Notting Hill and have recently opened this branch within walking distance from my work serving up huge portions of soul food to warm the heart. I’ve been meaning to get my ass over there for some jerk chicken and seafood gumbo for a while now so it brings me great pleasure to present to you, my meal. We started with Saltfish Fritters and Sticky BBQ Ribs, I’ve never had saltfish fritters before but they were like a hybrid of fish cakes and dumplings so I really haven’t got a bad word to say about them. Same goes for the ribs really, they were sticky and delicious and everything you could wish for in a starter. We washed our starters down with fruity rum cocktails, that I kid you not, tasted like holiday in a glass. For our mains we got Mama’s Seafood Gumbo and the Jerk Fried Chicken Thighs to share. Both dishes were sensational. They were perfectly accompanied by the rice and peas we got on the side, the selection of sauces from the table and the cornbread to dip in the gumbo. We finished the meal off with two desserts. One being a chocolate rum cake and the other a caramelised banana cake. Both served up with caramel ice cream. Considering I’ve got a phobia of bananas, haven’t eaten them since I was a child, gag at the smell of them and find the idea of eating them makes me produce a little bit of sick in my mouth, it was pretty surprising how much I enjoyed it. I’d have it again in a heartbeat and 100% recommend both desserts as a perfect end to the meal. The caramel ice cream was on point – I was making noises as I ate it so that’s got to be a good thing. To accompany our desserts we ordered rum on the rocks from their ‘Sipper’ menu. We then proceeded to dilute these ‘shots’ with coke because we realised that we were not quite hardcore enough for the straight stuff. Once diluted these were an absolutely wonderful end to an extremely enjoyable meal. All in all everything was delicious, we over ate to say the least and left the restaurant feeling a little bit worse for wear with our trouser buttons undone and a huge feeling of gluttony running through our veins but it was worth it. Thanks very much guys, you’ll be seeing us again soon.












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