There are few things in this world that excite me more than a festive feast and tonight I got to gorge on all things Christmas with BRGR.CO’s afternoon tea. This is a seasonal special so if it tickles your fancy you’re going to have to get down there pretty snappy before it’s long gone. On first impressions of the restaurant I was won over. The atmosphere was buzzing, the music was amazing and the decor was perfect. It was relatively busy for 6pm and only got busier throughout the night. We were presented with a mulled wine and festive cinnamon ice tea on arrival and although I claim to hate red wine and especially dislike it when it’s hot I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my friend Hannah who also never usually drinks anything of that variety. The ice tea was the perfect accompaniment to our festive meal and went down a treat after the mulled wine. The main consisted of 3 sliders; turkey and cranberry, a classic cheese burger and a lobster cocktail. Our favourite of the 3 was the turkey and cranberry, sliders are always such a tease because you always want a bigger version but it was so good to get to try them all. The chips were like posh Burger King fries, which is a really, really good thing in my book, so overall I was pretty impressed with the main course. The dessert was literally next level. I can’t even describe in words how I feel about the chestnut cheesecake, it was hands down the best thing I ate all night and quite literally smashes any other cheesecake I’ve ever had out the water. I pretty much felt the same way about the vanilla milkshake, it was perfect in every single way and could not have been more delicious if it tried. As well as all this, as if it wasn’t enough already there was apple crumble and a mince pie to get through for dessert. I’m not a huge mince pie fan either but it’s Christmas so I ate it and it was good. The apple crumble was scrumptious and although it was an insane amount of food to be eating all in one go it was highly enjoyable. My only complaint and it’s hardly a complaint because it really didn’t matter, was that the main and dessert came all at once and this meant the apple crumble wasn’t warm and the milkshake had slightly melted by the time it came to eating it. In the grand scheme of things it was irrelevant because the meal was so utterly fantastic and I didn’t care. We ended our meal with an Oreo milkshake which was totally unnecessary but unbelievably good. It put all the crappy milkshake chains to shame and basically gave a new meaning to my life. The actual menu looks insane, I’ll be going back very, very soon for Parmesan truffle fries and a big burger no doubt about it. This place is a hidden gem, the service is on point and the food is perfection. Enjoy.















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