I know I spend most my time posting picture after picture of gloriously unhealthy meals. I know I’m usually making you all painfully jealous with my posts about burgers and steak and deep fried just about anything but this post is slightly different. I mentioned this website a while back but I’m going to mention it one more time, partly because they send me yummy treats (to keep me sweet) and partly because if you eat protein bars, then this is where you should be buying them. In bulk. Natural Balance stocks Nakd & Trek products, which is basically loads of good shit, shmooshed into a bar and then packaged nicely for your enjoyment. They also do cool accessories like this cup that they very kindly sent me. I kinda need to lay of the bad food for a while, at least leading up to Christmas so I can make room for all the turnkey and cranberry based goodness I intend on eating throughout December. The chocolatey ones are the best, especially caffè mocha. Get involved.







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