Deliverance have treated me very well.
Very well indeed. Somehow, luck has really worked in my favour recently and I won a £70 Deliverance feast. £70 worth of food from all over the world, delivered in one delivery, to your door. I’ll never get over it. I’ve been desperately trying to find the perfect time to retrieve my meal and tonight was finally the night. To really make the most of the whole concept we went for a bit of a mixture. We had a bit of Chinese – a quarter crispy duck with pancakes and crispy chilli beef, some Indian – chicken tikka masala with Peshawari naan and onion bahjis, some English with chips and gravy, a slice of Italian with a pepperoni pizza, some Mediterranean vegetables, Thai rice crackers and finally a taste of japan with some sushi. Deliverance are never late, so I’m told. Their timing is impeccable and you never have to deal with staff that don’t speak a word of English and get your order totally wrong because they don’t understand you (/are morons). I’m not going to bang on about it again because I’ve made it clear that I love it and my friends (Sam Bell) are starting to make fun about my constant waffling on about how great it is. It’s brilliant, you must try it – I don’t understand why it isn’t more well known. Big up.







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