I’m finding it hard to put into words how absolutely perfect my dinner was last night. Flat Iron in Soho has completely rekindled my love for steak and I can’t imagine why anybody (other than a vegetarian) wouldn’t fall in love with the place like I have. As with most places in Soho these days you can’t book but they have a bar you can wait in and give you a buzzer so there’s no horrible queues. Any place that brings beef dripping popcorn to the table with the drinks is a winner in my books so I was pretty much won over on entry. We were seated in the most romantic little secluded den type area with our own little table at the back of the restaurant. If you want to impress a date this is the most ideal setting. The menu is simple. You can have steak with a choice of sides. They have specials but we kept it simple and went for the flat iron with chips, green beans and the roasted aubergine. I don’t think my vocabulary stretches far enough for me to properly explain the beauty of this meal, each and everything I put in my salivating gob was perfection. The cut of the steak – according to our wonderful waitress – is from the shoulder of the cow and isn’t a particularly popular part. Fuck knows why though because it was tender and delicious and so unbelievably tasty I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. I went for bernaise sauce, which was perfect. The chips were crispy beyond belief and the greens, which were buttered to perfection, were delicious. The roasted aubergine deserves it’s own separate sentence. I’ve tried my fair share of aubergine parmigiana and I make a pretty good one myself but sweet baby Jesus, this was the best. If you don’t eat steak you’d be more than satisfied going to Flat Iron purely for the sides, I cannot fault a single thing they put in front of me. For dessert we were served salted caramel chocolate mousse out of a cream dispenser (the first time I’ve seen such an instrument used in this way) which was VERY impressive. I was tipsy by then so this made me very, very happy. It was a joke, like an actual creamy, chocolatey joke in my mouth. I wanted to steal the dispenser and take it home to lay in the bath squirting it into my mouth. This meal was an absolute delight and it’s more than affordable too. The steaks only £10 and the sides are about £3 each. There is absolutely no reason why you won’t read this blog post, txt your favourite steak loving friend and made the arrangement to go to Flat Iron. Every single member of staff was delightful, the setting was beautiful, the people were cool, the atmosphere was amazing and above all the food was UNBELIEVABLE. Thank you Flat Iron and see you soon.









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