I know I spend most my time posting picture after picture of gloriously unhealthy meals. I know I'm usually making you all painfully jealous with my posts about burgers and steak and deep fried just about anything but this post is slightly different. I mentioned this website a while back but I'm going to mention... Continue Reading →


Deliverance have treated me very well. Very well indeed. Somehow, luck has really worked in my favour recently and I won a £70 Deliverance feast. £70 worth of food from all over the world, delivered in one delivery, to your door. I'll never get over it. I've been desperately trying to find the perfect time... Continue Reading →


I'm finding it hard to put into words how absolutely perfect my dinner was last night. Flat Iron in Soho has completely rekindled my love for steak and I can't imagine why anybody (other than a vegetarian) wouldn't fall in love with the place like I have. As with most places in Soho these days... Continue Reading →


I said I was going to stop eating burgers. Then I got invited to the Burger & Lobster at Harvey Nichols opening night. I couldn't resist. There's something about free food that I cannot say no to. There's something about burgers that I cannot say no to. I'm glad I didn't say no. Fuck me.... Continue Reading →

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