I had to go back to Patty & Bun one more time to confirm that it is in fact the best burger in London. I’ve tried the majority now and after telling everyone Patty & Bun is my favourite I had to double check. I’d only ever tried takeaway and didn’t get to sample the wings or choc ice so this time we went all out. We shared half a Smokey Robinson and half a Portobello mushroom ‘dig it’ burger, rosemary chips and chicken wings… I can confirm, it is the best. Hands down – tied behind my back/nailed to the floor – whatever you wanna call it, THE BEST. I’ve heard people talk of meat that falls off the bone but these wings were so damn succulent, the bone actually fell out of my mouth. We ordered the salted caramel choc ice to share and it’s not often the inside of a choc ice is more delicious than the chocolate coating but in this case, it was. The whole meal was topped off by the amazing atmosphere, banging music and really, really fit tall, skinny, dancing white boy waiter. I’m clapping my hands, I really am!








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