Chop and Wok used to be a firm favourite of mine on a hungover brummy morning and now it’s moved to London. It’s cleaned up it’s act and it had a little bit of a make-over but it’s still just as good. Luckily for me it’s directly behind work and they do sushi. Really, really good reasonably priced sushi. The noodles, rice and salad’s are brilliant too and I’m pretty sure it’s going to do very well in it’s new home. I met the husband and wife who run it and they were so lovely –  their thick Birmingham accents made me feel at home – which is weird considering I was born and bred right here in London but I think I’ll always feel at home around Brummies. If you work close by you can make it a regular lunch spot, they don’t use oil when they fry the noodles/rice – they wouldn’t tell me what they do use but it tasted far healthier than any other noodles I’ve had in a little cardboard carton recently so it’s working! Plus, for all you sushi haters out there that are too scared to try ‘raw fish’ – they do chicken ceasar sushi, and other non ‘scary’ sushi fillings that you absolutely have to try. Thank you for making my day Chop and Woke and GOOD LUCK!1374349_10152029913367642_1585727238_n 1000605_10152029913372642_474760452_n 1375892_10152029913347642_1676458267_n 1379513_10152029913352642_1564577983_n 1391695_10152029913362642_1983627977_n

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