I know Burger & Lobster is well and truly ‘done’ and that ‘everybody’s already been’ but up until tonight, I hadn’t. I’ve wanted to go for a long, long time but it’s just never happened. After about an hour the wait was over (still got enough hype to form queues so can’t be that ‘done’) and we were seated in a cosy little spot in between the kitchen and the lobster tanks. The place is buzzing – it’s half touristy, half good looking young business types and the menu is simple. So simple that there isn’t actually a menu, just a friendly waitress who comes and sits with you and tells you your options. Steamed or grilled lobster, a lobster roll or a burger, obviously. We went for steamed lobster, it comes with fries and salad (I went for double salad as it’s time to cut the carbs) but my friend went for fries and demolished them so they must have been good. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food but I myself cannot fault it. The lobster was so meaty and filling and fun to eat that it didn’t matter that parts of it were gritty or at times taste like the sea. It was all a part of the experience. And that is what it was, and experience. From the minute you get in and get served spicy popcorn with your drinks to the weird utensil your given to pick the flesh out the claws. We really enjoyed ourselves, the simplicity of it is surprisingly pleasant and the staff are nice. We got to go in and play with the lobsters after (and I’m glad it was after because it may have put me off my food if I’d done it before) which was hilarious (and cold), all in all it was a good night, I’m glad I went and it was worth the wait.









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