I have a friend called Chlöe and she likes burgers. For her birthday we went to the holy grail of all burger restaurants Meat Mission. It’s sister restaurants Meat Market and Meat Liquor are both places I’ve visited on numerous occasions but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of visiting Meat Mission. I guess part of me always thought I didn’t need to, because I’ve been to the other two, but I was oh so wrong. Meat Missions East London location makes it’s the best of all three. The vibe is completely different. For one you can book, which is a massive plus for me because I hate queuing. The people are, as you can imagine, painfully cool and it’s not touristy whatsoever. It’s definitely the perfect place to start a night out (if you’re not bothered about onion/meat breath for the rest of the night) the atmosphere is amazing and it sooooooo much fun in there. We started off with cocktails, of course I went for The Below Job, that much to my surprise came in what can only be described as a huge model of a woman’s (ready to suck a dick) mouth. It was delightful. I’d heard wonderful things about the Monkey Fingers so I of course had to order those. They were just a tiny little bit too hot for me but I tried the buffalo wings and they were spot on. Burger wise I went for the Dead Hippie. It was sensational. These guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to burger fillings and I was so unbelievably satisfied it made me emotional. The whole meal was a big fatty, greasy feast and I loved it. We even got to witness someone complete the Tripple Chilli Challenge – which was massively exciting for me as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! GO ON PAUL YOU MACHINE! Our waitress Jenny was amazing, she couldn’t have been nicer and we rewarded her with lots of cake. It’s the most perfect place for birthday celebrations so get booking (and invite me).










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