Chuck has become a regular Saturday treat for my group of friends over the last few months but every time I try something new I feel like it deserves a blog post. This will be my third Chuck post and my 4th or 5th Chuck visit (losing count) which is a big deal to me because I very rarely visit the same place twice. I’m on a mission to cross places of my list not go back to the same ones time and time again so this is a good sign that I like it there. This time, I sampled the brunch for the first time and it didn’t disappoint. I cannot resist their buffalo chicken wings so we started with a portion of those and the artichoke dip to share. I’ve had the artichoke dip before but didn’t blog about it and it’s definitely worth a mention so here you go. It’s a hot cheesy melty artichoke delight and it’s nearly as good as the chicken wings. But not quite. The chicken wings are just a dream and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of them or shut up about them any time soon. The brunch menu is good, I was torn between bacon pancakes and the truffle egg toast so I went for truffle egg toast with a side of bacon. It was the right decision. The truffle egg toast consisted of huge slabs of toasted bread with two runny egg yolks baked into it, topped with asparagus and drizzled with truffle oil. My added bacon was like the cherry on the cake because I cannot tell you how incredible it tasted. I’ll definitely be going back for it some time very soon because I haven’t stopped thinking about how delicious it was. My friend Jessica wen for the breakfast burger and Tom went for his regular Piggy Burger with loaded fries (which he couldn’t eat because he filled up on strawberry milkshake so I took home and are for breakfast on Sunday!). All in all another successful Chuck trip, I highly recommend so get on it!








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