Soho House can’t do anything wrong. Dirty Burger, Chicken Shop, Pizza East and now The Soho Diner. The Electric Diner was on my list for ages but then this opened up not too far from work and I’ve been gagging to try it ever since. The staff are divine, they went out of their way to ensure we had a pleasant experience and immediately I knew I liked the place. I really didn’t know what to order, part of me wanted a burger but the starters were so appealing and nobody would share so I ordered three. I went for the grilled ham and cheese fingers, which was essentially a grilled ham and cheese sandwich cut into slices, the raw veg and dip and the honey fried chicken wings. Everybody else ordered a mixture, I got to try burgers, hot dogs, seabass and salads. The chips were insane, I never order chips but I’d definitely get them next time, they are WELL worth it. The food was, in the words of the birthday girl ‘derricious’ (which is a good thing), the atmosphere was buzzing and the people were all beautiful. They treated us to prosseco and desserts on the house so of course that won me over but regardless I would have been impressed. The menu is simple and the food tastes good and with the amount of diners around at the moment it’s good to find somewhere that’s genuinely doing it well. I will be back and I highly recommend it. The Electric Diner is next is definitely going to get a visit some time soon.









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  1. Thanks so much for the glowing review! So glad you ladies had a great time last night, it was our pleasure. Next time you’re in the area come in and enquire about our Diner Club which will get you discounts both here and at the Electric.

    Hope to see you very soon

    Gwyn & the Soho Diner Team



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