I wouldn’t normally do a post on a takeaway but I need to make sure nobody ever orders from here ever. Shanghai Express on Kentish Town road was without a doubt the worst Chinese takeaway I’ve ever had in my entire life and probably the most expensive. The person on the phone spoke terrible English, had no manners and didn’t give a damn that we had been waiting for an hour and a half for our food. The delivery man was slow – in every sense of the word. The food was absolutely grim. The seaweed was tasteless, the crispy chilli beef tasted like sweet and sour chicken, had far too much sauce, was the wrong colour and was basically inedible. The prawn crackers were flavourless and not worth eating. The duck noodles were too fatty to even consume. The lemon chicken was dry and bland. The pancakes for the duck were all stuck together and impossible to pull apart. The spring rolls had little to no filling and were essentially just deep fried pastry. The Fanta’s we ordered were tangos and nobody bothered to tell us this would be the case. All in all the most disappointing takeaway I’ve ever experienced. The people that rated this so highly on Just Eat must be on crack. Sort it out.



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  1. We discovered your post too late! Just had a very similar experience!! I think all of the positive reviews were written by the restaurant. Pretty poor food and disgusting attitude.


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