If you know me at all or follow me on any kind of social media sites you’ll know that I recently experienced Deliverance for the first time. I read about it a while ago on Rosie Londoners blog and I’ve been desperate to experience it ever since. Living all the way out in zone 5 means that simple things like this just aren’t possible so it took me having to wait until I woke up in a an area where they deliver to get to try it. I’ve genuinely never been so excited about ordering a takeaway. The idea is, you don’t have to decide on a takeaway. Deliverance delivers EVERYTHING. Chinese, Indian, sushi, Mexican, British, American.. ANYTHING. There’s no more arguments, it’s genius. After much deliberation I went for chilli con carne with with rice and brocolli with chilli garlic and ginger. My friend went for penne carbonara with garlic bread and spring rolls, SEE WHAT I MEAN.. Genius! They literally do everything, even sticky toffee pudding and bottles of wine. It’s such a great concept I can’t comprehend why more people don’t jump on this bandwagon! It came in reasonable time and it was packaged like a dream. It’s not overly expensive and the food is delicious. I couldn’t recommend it more and I plan on making more friends that live in the delivery area purely on the basis of being able to order Deliverance.









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