I had to go back to Patty & Bun one more time to confirm that it is in fact the best burger in London. I've tried the majority now and after telling everyone Patty & Bun is my favourite I had to double check. I'd only ever tried takeaway and didn't get to sample the... Continue Reading →


It's safe to say it's been a good week for sushi. Lucky for me it's all been free. This wonderful platter of heaven was delivered for our lunch meeting with Feng Sushi on Friday afternoon. They're London's biggest and bestest sushi delivery company and they want to work with us. For me that means sushi... Continue Reading →


Chop and Wok used to be a firm favourite of mine on a hungover brummy morning and now it's moved to London. It's cleaned up it's act and it had a little bit of a make-over but it's still just as good. Luckily for me it's directly behind work and they do sushi. Really, really... Continue Reading →


I know Burger & Lobster is well and truly 'done' and that 'everybody's already been' but up until tonight, I hadn't. I've wanted to go for a long, long time but it's just never happened. After about an hour the wait was over (still got enough hype to form queues so can't be that 'done')... Continue Reading →


Chuck has become a regular Saturday treat for my group of friends over the last few months but every time I try something new I feel like it deserves a blog post. This will be my third Chuck post and my 4th or 5th Chuck visit (losing count) which is a big deal to me... Continue Reading →


I have a friend called Chlöe and she likes burgers. For her birthday we went to the holy grail of all burger restaurants Meat Mission. It's sister restaurants Meat Market and Meat Liquor are both places I've visited on numerous occasions but I've never actually had the pleasure of visiting Meat Mission. I guess part... Continue Reading →


My mother is one very special woman. Those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting her will know what I mean. Those that haven't, I don't even have the words to sum her up. Last Thursday we celebrated the anniversary of her 20 years in the events industry. The lovely people at Sumosan... Continue Reading →


Soho House can't do anything wrong. Dirty Burger, Chicken Shop, Pizza East and now The Soho Diner. The Electric Diner was on my list for ages but then this opened up not too far from work and I've been gagging to try it ever since. The staff are divine, they went out of their way... Continue Reading →


Vapiano's is a self serve Italian right by work that I always end up in with a certain group of friends. They do pizza, pasta or salad and they do it all very well. It's very reasonably priced and it's the kind of place you can spend hours in. I really like it there. Its... Continue Reading →

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