Bone Daddies has been on my list for a long long time and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally got to tick it off. You can’t make reservations, no matter how nicely you ask or wether or not you’re going to be reviewing it for your blog but that didn’t matter because we were seated straight away. The seats were hugely uncomfortable and it was overcrowded and hot in there but this was made up for by the bib and hair elastics they provide to keep you slurp free. I didn’t know what anything on the menu was, all I knew is I wanted ‘cock scratchings’ and a bowl of noodly soup. We ordered fried chicken to start because its hard to resist and I cant remember the name of my main but it was yummy. I’d go for something different next time because it was far too thick and sickly by the end but I enjoyed it. There was chicken and noodles and bean sprouts and corn and an egg and I ordered extra cock scratchings and Wakame on top because why not. It’s an interesting concept and I cannot wait to try their other restaurant Flesh and Buns next week. I recommend it highly if you’re into ramen, the menu is interesting and its obviously popular because by the time we left the queue was stretching round the building. Yet another super trendy, pretentious Soho dining establishment you have to queue for hours outside to get a table. Get their early, it’s good but its still just noodle soup and an uncomfortable stool to sit on so not really worth an hours wait in the cold. Although it would definitely warm you up once you’re in there.







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