Ok so after my last ever so slightly disappointing trip to Paradise – which was still amazing just let down by a few very minor details, they invited me back for a second chance. Yes there is a theme this week, maybe it’s something to do with the Jewish new year and second chances! I went after work on the Sunday of LFW, so my feet hurt, I was tired and I needed a drink. We ordered large glasses of Pinot Gregio Rose Blush and a roast dinner each. I went for the vegetarian option – a broccoli and blue cheese tart and my date (Dani State – Date) went for the chicken. We got extra yorkshires (as many extra as you want for FREE) and extra gravy. Genuinely never been happier with a roast dinner in my life. The puff pastry tart was sublime. I didn’t feel like I was missing out not ordering meat whatsoever. It was just wonderful and I literally doused the entire plate with gravy which really put a smile on my face. Dani was just as over the moon as I was and 100% completely satisfied with her meal. The sticky toffee pudding with coffee ice cream we shared for dessert was completely and utterly ridiculous. I’ve had my fair share of sticky toffee puddings and that was seriously up there. Like I said last time the place itself is beautiful. It’s unbelievably romantic at night and the service excelled itself. I’m going back next weekend. Who’s with me?







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