After visiting Chuck for the first time and not loving it as much as I wanted to, they invited me back to try the bacon cheeseburger in all it’s glory and give them a second chance. So I chose the holiest of all Jewish days, a day in which I’m not supposed to eat a single thing, to go and stuff my face with meat. We started with the buffalo wings and firecracker chilli which both excelled themselves. The buffalo wings are top notch and I’d get them every single time I go. The firecracker chilli was a dream and not only do I recommend it highly but I cannot wait to have a whole portion to myself on my next visit. I’d say that Chuck do starters better than they do anything else and that they do starters a lot better than any other burger joint I’ve been to. The burger was definitely a lot better than the last time I tried it. The meat was perfectly pink and juicy, it was nice and cheesy and the bacon was deliciously crispy. My burger standards are high and I wanted it to be sensational but I’d probably give it a 6.5/10 (Patty & Bun gets a definite 10) over all. Still a really good burger and worth the visit. There’s nothing like it close by and it puts places like TGI Fridays to shame. We ordered the special to share, I couldn’t for the life of you tell you what was in it but it sounded like something Adam Richman would eat on Man v Food in a Mexican special. It was ok, bit spicy for my pathetic palette and it wasn’t really for me but we devoured it and didn’t complain. The Oreo and orange cheesecake was sensational. A deliciously creamy white chocolatey cheesecake pudding on an Oreo base sprinkled with chocolate shavings with a side of ginger biscuits. Bit random but ridiculously yummy and a perfect end to my pre dinner afternoon meal. I will go back regularly, I will order every starter on the menu and I will probably get through over a hundred of those buffalo chicken wings in my life time. Thank you Chuck, you did me good.







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