Every so often I do dinner with 3 very special people. Last time we did Jamie Oliver’s Diner and this time we did Banana Tree. This wasn’t my choice and it was mainly suggested because we had Taste cards, plus it catered for the vegan of the group. I’m glad we went though because not only has it opened up my eyes to the idea of a Taste card but I think I’ve found a new regular after work dinner destination. We ordered the half aubergine starter to share. I LOVE aubergines and this was so amazingly delicious and sweet and sticky. It was covered in caramel sauce and fried shallots and I wish I’d had a whole one to myself. I always order aubergine when it’s on the menu and its rarely cooked this well. When I go back I’m having this again, so if you go, make sure you try it. I ordered the crispy chicken with mango and sweet lime for main and upgraded it so it comes with a load of sides. You have to pay extra for this and you kind of have to do it or the dish is really small. I actually cannot fault the food, it was delicious. So sweet and sticky and crispy and yummy. Every single bit of it, especially the sweet corn cakes – they were absolute perfection. The others I was with ordered vegan dishes and a duck dish. They all loved it and we all wiped our plates clean. The service was a bit iffy but it was busy and the food made up for it so I can let that slide (which I don’t usually do). Really quite impressive for a chain restaurant and highly recommended if you like pan Asian cooking. Definitely worth a visit, I’m ready to to back and it hasn’t even been 24 hours!








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