On a (kind of) last minute whim I got the opportunity to go to Secret Garden Party on Saturday. I’ve never had the pleasure of going before but I’m pretty sure ill go again because it was without a doubt one of the greatest festivals I’ve ever been to. If it wasn’t for the torrential downpours I would have probably had the best festival experience of my life but as always the trusty British weather ruined it for me! The state of my hair when I woke up on the Sunday was pretty diabolical and the only thing that was going to make me happy was food. I never normally make the most of the food at festival and usually spend the weekend living off Nature Valley cereal bars and packets of crisps but this time was different. The Village at SGP was like a full blown food festival and had I been there longer I would have sampled everything they had to offer. Due to only being there for a short period of time I limited myself to 3 dishes, one being gross vegetable yakisoba and the other two being out of this world. For breakfast on the Sunday I had bacon and egg waffles from WaffleOn smothered in maple syrup, it was the crispiest most delicious bacon I’ve ever had and the egg was perfectly runny. That wasn’t enough though so about 20 minutes and one outfit change later I had sausage ragu pappardelle pasta with Parmesan and OH MY GOSH, it was insane. I’m going to start have pasta for breakfast more often because it was brilliant, I don’t know why I don’t have sausage ragu all the time, it’s nicer than bolognese and right up my street. I washed this all down with a lovely strawberry and elderflower cordial and was on my way. Well done Secret Garden Party, you fed me well.












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