My job is great, like really, really great. It’s July, as you all know, but being in events, this means its time to look at Christmas Party venues. Which is ideal, because Christmas is my favourite time of year. I’m probably one of the only Jews that loves Christmas this much but what is not to love about presents and the combination of Brie and cranberry? I’ve gone off topic. Party venues: we have been going to visit a few and today took us into the city, to see a venue called Balls Brothers in the Ministers Exchange. We got a complimentary lunch, which is always nice, but this one was especially good – so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about it. I ordered the chicken liver pâté with onion chutney and toasted brioche and my manager ordered the crab gratin to start. We both ordered a fried gnocchi salad with peas, spinach, peppers and Parmesan for mains. Now I know free food always tastes good but this was especially delicious. My starter was spot on but I was very jealous that I didn’t get the crab gratin as it looked (and tasted) amazing. The main was next level. I’ve never had fried gnocchi before but I will 100% be having it again. The combination of everything was so insanely yummy neither of us wanted it to end. If you ever find yourself in the city – or if you work there and want somewhere good to go for lunch then this should definitely be an option. The drinks menu is extensive and they have a lot to offer. It’s a bit of a random location but if you like men in suits then its ideal. Thank you Balls Brothers, you made my Friday!




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