I’ve never really been very interested in Dim Sum, not for any particular reason but its just never been something I’ve wanted to try. I had a go at making it at Taste of London last month and ever since I’ve been desperate to go to Ping Pong to see what it’s all about. My manager is a big fan and booked us a table for lunch so she could educate me on all things dumpling. I let her do the ordering, which isn’t usually how I roll, but I was so overwhelmed with all the different options I thought it would be best to leave it to the expert. We ordered a selection of buns, steamed dumplings, spring rolls, crackers and rice and each had two delicious fruit juices and iced teas. It all came at different times and we shared everything, so it was nice to have a constant flow of food coming to the table throughout the visit. I love picky little bits and they brought at least 7 different dips to the table which is a winner for me. Everything we ate was delicious. The sweet sticky BBQ ribs were so soft the meat just came off the bones and the crispy duck spring rolls with hoi sin sauce were yummy. I loved the king prawn and scallop sticky rice that comes wrapped in a big leaf. The dumplings and buns were so so good, I can’t remember what we had in each one – pork and chicken but I’m not sure which way round but they were so delicious. My passion fruit and lime iced tea was incredible and I really liked how they bring a shot glass of strawberry purée to add to the lemonade. The service was spot on, our waitress Sophia was so lovely and couldn’t do enough to accommodate us. I’ve never had dim sum before so I’ve got nothing to compare it to and I’m sure people are going to tell me that chain restaurants aren’t the best way to experience it but I really enjoyed it and would definitely go back. We get staff discount because we work round the corner and they do happy hour cocktails between 3-5pm so if you’ve got a spare afternoon and you want a light late lunch and some really good drinks then get over there. It’s a nice change from all the burgers I’ve been stuffing in my gob and I didn’t leave feeling like I need to fast for a week to get over it!



















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