Now this is a little off topic from my usual blog posts but this week I got to go and see The Bling Ring at The Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch. The cinema is part of The Soho House group and is of course, painfully trendy and hipster. But in a good way. It was without a doubt the best cinematic experience I’ve ever had and that’s not because of the film. Don’t get me wrong I loved the film, glad I wasn’t there with anyone who wasn’t female because I don’t think it’s for everyone but I obviously loved it. The cinema was amazing, it’s so chilled and comfy it makes me question wether ill ever go to a normal cinema ever again. I will definitely be going back and I recommend it to anyone trying to impress a date. Me and my Scottish ginger Jewish bestest friend snuggled down with a glass of Pinot Gregio Rose Blush (those of you that know me will know how happy this will have made me) and a pot of the best olives I’ve ever eaten. It’s not cheap but its worth it and its by no means expensive for what it is. Next time you want to see a film, check if their showing it. It’s more fun than queuing for your Orange Wednesdays.









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