Paradise has been on my places to go list for a LONG time now. Each Sunday I plan on going and something gets in my way, this Sunday, nothing was stopping me (not even the cheese board and pregnant cookies covered in Nutella that I consumed at my brothers birthday party). I’ve been searching for the best roast since god knows when, I thought I’d found it at The Cricketers and then I went back recently and they completely ruined everything with a shit meal. I’d been told about Paradise by a number of people, mainly my loveable best friend Tom Ryan, so of course, it was perfect that got to gowith him. I’d heard nothing but good things about the place and I was pretty much certain I was going to be giving it a 10/10 so you can imagine how excited I was to get it in my gob. The place itself is unbelievable. It’s decorated so beautifully and the building is incredible. You can’t really fault it in that sense because it really is spectacular. There were four of us on our table, the restaurant was pretty empty (due to the hot weather – who eats a roast in this heat) and it was about 6pm – just setting the scene for you! Our waitress – like any other waitress/waiter I’ve come across – couldn’t understand the concept of ‘water, ice, NO LEMON’ I don’t know what’s hard about this order but nobody ever manages it. This annoyed me, obviously. I didn’t complain, I never do – I just picked the lemons out and sighed whilst she took the orders for our mains. I ordered beef and chicken – half and half with my friend so I could try them both. The others ordered some starters, a cold tomato and cucumber soup and what I think was ham hock. I tried the soup which was nice but slightly confusing to the palette and Tom enjoyed his ham without offering me a taste. He liked it though! Our mains came and looked phenomenal. I remembered as they came that it said on the menu you can order as many Yorkshire puddings as you want for FREE, so I ordered us all an extra one – why the fuck not eyyy. They never came – granted none of us could even finish our meal but that’s not the point, if I ask for extra yorkshires, I’d like you to bring me extra yorkshires. The beef was slightly too chewy for me – but it always is so maybe I shouldn’t judge – and the potatoes were far too big and not nearly crispy enough. Everything else was perfect. I’d like to say that the quality of everything else made up for the poor service, chewy beef and shit potatoes, and it honestly almost did, but the potatoes are pretty important right?! I’m definitely going back, it’s 100% the nicest looking pub I’ve ever been in and next time ill order the goose fat potatoes as an extra (quite ridiculous that you have to pay extra to have good potatoes in a roast but ill do it) and ill also order the sticky toffee pudding, the others got dessert but I couldn’t handle it. I’m recommending the place, because I know it has a lot f potential. I’m just hoping my next experience is on top form.






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