Tonight I feasted on meat. Lots and lots of meat. I feel ever so slightly stuffed from it now as I sit writing this waiting for the train at Liverpool Street but it was worth it. Dukes Brew and Que is a good old fashioned BBQ joint in Haggerston with a beer menu to make you thirsty just reading it. I opted for a cocktail though and my date went for a bottled cider – so neither of us fully appreciated the beers on offer but I assure you, there was a lot of choice. I can’t remember the name of the cocktail I ordered, I think it was the last one on the list. It had lime and pineapple juice and something to do with beetroot and it was spectacular. For main I ordered the Dukes Greatest Hits, which was a platter consisting of a HUGE beef rib, a pork rib, pulled pork and slaw. We ordered chips, mac n cheese & pork scratchings to share. The best thing was without a doubt the beef rib and I’m sure once you’ve seen the pictures you’ll agree it’s a must have if you go to Dukes. There’s not really much point fucking about with everything else because the rib is so ridiculously huge and delicious. The sides were good, the pork scratchings were ever so slightly too naughty and when the fat dripped down my chin onto my leg I kind of decided I was committing some kind of girl crime by being such a pig. Which is ironic. Also I think I’m going to stop ordering pulled pork from now on because ill always compare it to Jamie Oliver’s and that’s not fair on anyone else. Dukes did it well but I prefer it when it’s wet and dripping in BBQ sauce and this wasn’t. Still pretty good though and for those of you who don’t have sky high expectations for your pulled pork I’d go for it! The winner for me (after the beef rib) had to be the dessert. The Shoofly pie, which is basically a treacle tart with a salted crust and vanilla ice cream absolutely SMASHEDDDDDD IT! Seriously banging dessert, a must have for anyone who’s a sucker for a sweet treat. 10/10 for service too, our waiter was a darling and I can’t fault him! Thank you Dukes, you fed me well.

















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