I didn’t know that Jamie Oliver’s Diner was dinosaur themed. I had no idea in fact, but somehow ended up there with the 3 people I associate closest with dinosaurs. If that’s not a coincidence then I don’t know what is. On first impressions of walking into the Piccadilly Circus pop-up I felt like I was walking into a pre historic Planet Hollywood. There were dinosaurs EVERYWHERE. Cleverly punned DINER-SAURUS, the place is really relaxed, laid back and fun but ever so slightly touristy. This is unavoidable with the location so apart from the odd mixture of people around me, and the view of The Rainforest Cafe, which brings back memories of the early noughties with limo rides round Leicester Square, I was happy.

The menu is outstanding. Not quite diner food but yet far from what Jamie usually does. The ingredients are all fresh and organic, obviously and this makes a massive difference. We ordered an abundance of sides to share and all got stuck into each others food. The tortilla chips and guacamole with chipotle sauce was an all round winner. I wasn’t so sure of the texture of the chips at first because they’re not as crunchy as they look like they’re going to be but they’re so good. Could do with some cheese but still so so good! The avocado fries portion size is a let down but the fries themselves are not. I don’t know why more places don’t deep fry avocado, it should definitely be a thing! My sweet potato quesadillas were good, nothing out of this world and I wouldn’t order them again but as a vegetarian option they’re still pretty awesome. The corn on the cob was incredible. Proper, straight from the corn fields corn on the cob, sweet and juicy just how it should be. One of my friends ordered the pulled pork waffle – partly because I forced her and wanted to try it and partly because it sounded AMAZING. I’m so glad she did. It was definitely the best thing any of us had and luckily she has the appetite of a small child and I got to finish it for her. If I went back this is what id have and I’d recommend it to anyone. Seriously, off the chain. The other people I was with went for a vegan quinoa salad and salmon tacos. As you can see the menu is very diverse and it caters for everyone. They enjoyed their meals and agreed that the quality of ingredients made a massive difference and the food was good value for money and DELICIOUS. We all shared the Piccadilly Mud Pie for dessert which was of course, sensational and all left feeling truly and utterly satisfied. Definitely try and get down there before it closes because its so worth it. They also have a fast food hot dog joint downstairs which is definitely going to get a visit some time in the near future. Well done Jamie, you smashed it.
















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