Every so often I do dinner with 3 very special people. Last time we did Jamie Oliver's Diner and this time we did Banana Tree. This wasn't my choice and it was mainly suggested because we had Taste cards, plus it catered for the vegan of the group. I'm glad we went though because not... Continue Reading →


On a (kind of) last minute whim I got the opportunity to go to Secret Garden Party on Saturday. I've never had the pleasure of going before but I'm pretty sure ill go again because it was without a doubt one of the greatest festivals I've ever been to. If it wasn't for the torrential... Continue Reading →


My job is great, like really, really great. It's July, as you all know, but being in events, this means its time to look at Christmas Party venues. Which is ideal, because Christmas is my favourite time of year. I'm probably one of the only Jews that loves Christmas this much but what is not... Continue Reading →


I've never really been very interested in Dim Sum, not for any particular reason but its just never been something I've wanted to try. I had a go at making it at Taste of London last month and ever since I've been desperate to go to Ping Pong to see what it's all about. My... Continue Reading →


Last week I discovered the most perfect new product. Yoosli are an online company that allow you to create your own cereal via their website and then they send it to you in pretty packaging for not much more than you'd pay for a box of Lucky Charms. It doesn't even need to cost that... Continue Reading →


Paradise has been on my places to go list for a LONG time now. Each Sunday I plan on going and something gets in my way, this Sunday, nothing was stopping me (not even the cheese board and pregnant cookies covered in Nutella that I consumed at my brothers birthday party). I've been searching for... Continue Reading →


Now this is a little off topic from my usual blog posts but this week I got to go and see The Bling Ring at The Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch. The cinema is part of The Soho House group and is of course, painfully trendy and hipster. But in a good way. It was without... Continue Reading →


I'm going to start by saying that once you've read this post you're going to head over to THIS WEBSITE to book your tickets for Skate Kings Cross. Last night, I was invited to the launch party and can probably quite safely say it was the most fun I've had on a Thursday, EVER. It's... Continue Reading →


Paradise Bone daddies La bodega negra Burger and Lobster Pitt cue The social eating house Riding house cafe Chez bob Tommi burger Relias de venie de entrecĂ´te Hawksmoor Flat iron The big easy Honky tonk The rum kitchen Casa Negra Rita's Meat mission Red dog saloon Dishoom Crazy bear These are the places on my... Continue Reading →

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