If you’re not fond of eating off a plate and you like a varied menu then you need to go to Slabs. Slabs is a newly opened gastronomic delight on New Cavendish Street. With the surrounding areas making you feel like you’ve stepped into Made in Chelsea (without actually having to venture into Chelsea) and a menu that offers up gourmet burgers of Wagu beef as well the option of seared tuna or a crispy duck salad. The place has only been open a few weeks but its slowly making its name in London and I couldn’t wait to check it out. It wasn’t what I expected when I got there, I was half expecting the slabs to be wooden and for some reason I had it in my head it would be rustic and authentic inside. I was wrong but I was also oh so pleasantly surprised. The decor is modern and impressive. I wanted to remove the lights from the ceiling and take them home with me and the black granite slabs they serve your food on fit in perfectly with the restaurants sleek, muted interior.

Our mezze veggie sharer platter starter was a dream. It was everything you would want from a veggie platter. Crusty bread, humous, olives, caramelised onions, Halloumi, roasted tomatoes and the best tzakiki that’s ever past my lips. My only criticism was the olives, they weren’t for me but I’m often fussy when it comes to olives so don’t let that put you off! I’d been dreaming about the lobster burger since the first time I saw it on the menu so when I got there it was kind of the only thing I could think about having. The waitress recommended the Spanish burger so that’s what Hannah, my date, ordered. When the lobster burger came out it looked about 50 million times more impressive than I expected. It wasn’t bits of lobster, it wasn’t lobster mixed with something else, it was PROPER, fresh, delicious, mouthwateringly tasty lobster flesh, tails and all, with a mixture of some of the most complimentary accompaniments I’ve ever come across. I don’t really know what was in there sandwiched between the lobster and toasted brioche bun but it was dripping down my face, in the most wonderful way you can imagine. The skinny fries were as sensational as skinny fries can get and Hannah’s Spanish burger was so yummy – I’ve never even seen her eat meat in the 2 years I’ve known her and she loved it so no complaints there. The slabs aren’t good for catching crumbs but to be honest you’d be a fool to let anything go to waste. For dessert we ordered bitter chocolate torte with hazelnut, toffee popcorn and salted caramel sauce and it was everything it says on the tin. Lets be honest you can’t really go wrong with that combination and the chef made it look so pretty on my plate, which obviously helps. The staff couldn’t be more attentive, the location is beautiful -we sat outside which was delightful and it’s decorated beautifully. All in all 10/10, you’d be stupid not to go. Real stupid.

IMG_0567 IMG_0541 IMG_0540IMG_0537 IMG_0521 IMG_0566IMG_0520 IMG_0532 IMG_0535IMG_0548 IMG_0546 IMG_0550 IMG_0556IMG_0560 IMG_0563

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