If you're not fond of eating off a plate and you like a varied menu then you need to go to Slabs. Slabs is a newly opened gastronomic delight on New Cavendish Street. With the surrounding areas making you feel like you've stepped into Made in Chelsea (without actually having to venture into Chelsea) and... Continue Reading →


I was never going to pass up an opportunity to hang out at Shoreditch House eating Dirty Burgers and getting my nails done for free so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this was about to happen. Tonight saw the lovely people at Nailburgerlar team up with Shoreditch House, Burgermat, Dirty Burger and... Continue Reading →


Last week the lovely people at Taste of LondonĀ invited me down to join them at what essentially is THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. Seriously, if you like food and you like drink then next year, you absolutely have to go to Taste of London. I've been before and I'll continue to go until the... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I've posted anything on here, partly because I haven't been anywhere new recently, partly because the new places I have visited haven't been anything to write home about and partly because I've been lazy. But I've spent the last 48 hours or so up north, Manchester specifically, celebrating my boyfriends... Continue Reading →

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