Really average Jew food.

Now it’s not like me to write a bad review, partly because I’m pretty easily pleased and partly because I only tend to eat at places people recommend to me, but sometimes something goes wrong and it has to be done. I’ve wanted to go to mishkins for ages now, I saw a picture of their mac ‘n’ cheese a while back and it’s been on my list ever since. I booked a table and invited my (non Jewish) work friends along for them to sample some traditional jew-food deli treats.
We ordered mac ‘n’ cheese, ‘east end’ chips and onion rings for the table to share. The mac ‘n’ cheese was nice but had nothing on Lucky Chip in Soho (probably due to the lack of bacon), the chips were alright but nothing special and the onion rings were good but nowhere near as good as The Delisserie’s.
I ordered chicken soup with matzoh balls as well as one of their specials – beetroot and goats cheese meatballs. The chicken soup was horrific. I know they say its never a good idea to eat chicken soup in a restaurant because it will never be as good as your Nana’s but I at least like to try. This was disgraceful though. The portion was measly, the broth had no flavour whatsoever, not even shitloads of salt could help. The one matzoh ball was tasteless, the celery and carrots were ridiculous, the lack of noodles/loction was shameful and the peculiar little bit of manky chicken bone/whatever the fuck that was at the bottom of my bowl was revolting. All this being said, I did finish it and I didn’t complain. Partly because I’ve always been taught to respect peoples way of making chicken soup and partly because I’m Jewish and I don’t waste food. I really enjoyed the goats cheese and beetroot meatballs, the portion size was generous, they were tasty and really really filling – in a good way. So it wasn’t all bad, not by any means but this was a special and not always available so a bit of a let down for them.
The 4 other people I was with were split 50/50 on their opinions. The two that ordered vegetarian dishes were happy and enjoyed their meals. One of them also had the vegetarian meatballs, which she loved too and the other had the knich which was delicious . Unfortunately the cabbage they ordered was watery and tasteless but this didn’t ruin their meal and they dealt with it. My other two friends on the other hand, were not so impressed. They both ordered salt beef sandwiches after craving it all day at work. One of them attempted half of it, the other one left the whole thing because I quote, it made her ‘gag’. To be fair to them I tasted it and it was pretty horrific. I know salt beef isn’t to everyone’s taste but I’ve had my fair share and this was just bland, stringy cold beef on dry rye bread. The only good thing on the plate were the pickled cucumbers. They did complain and the staff offered to replace the dishes with something else but by then they were over it and just wanted to leave. The sandwiches were left on the bill even though they were barely touched and we were presented with an £85 bill. Considering there were 5 of us, two meals not eaten and only 3 diet cokes ordered, this was a little bit steep. Compared to my meal at The Delisserie this was complete crap and I was actually embarrassed that I’d chosen to take them there. As one of the only Jewish style deli’s in central London you’d expect at least the salt beef and chicken soup to be up to scratch. I know this is a pretty negative review and I should cut them some slack because some of the food was pretty good but it was generally speaking, nothing special. If you want a good Jewish-ish deli experience then go to The Delisserie or B&K, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed there.










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