There’s a Miller and Carter steakhouse LITERALLY a 2 minute drive from my house and It’s taken up until last night for me to visit. They had a refurb a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to go check it out ever since. My friends have nothing but good things to say about Miller and Carter but after reading a few bad reviews on trip adviser I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I booked a table online, the only reasonable time available was 6.30pm and considering I booked about 3 days in advance they must have been pretty booked up already, which I guessed could only be good.

When we got there I didn’t really know what to make of the outside decor. The place looked kind of themed and really didn’t fit in on the roundabout at the bottom of my road but we rolled with it, it looked like a steak house so I guess they had that going for them. When we got there it took about two minutes for the hostess to get off the phone and acknowledge us but once she did and we were taken to our table, the service was fine. A lot of the reviews I read slated the service but they were nothing but accommodating to us. Perhaps those are the perks of a 6.30pm booking but it was a Saturday night, the place was filling up and there seemed to be more than enough staff around. The place was nicely decorated but if anything felt a bit like an upmarket Harvester. There wasn’t much of an atmosphere but I didn’t expect one so close to home and I was grateful that there was such an establishment within walking distance from my house.

My non steak eating boyfriend ordered a filet (he’s trying new things under my orders) medium well with chips and a chicken and chorizo skewer and I ordered the beef wellington with a king prawn skewer and lobster thermidore. Both steaks come with a choice of sauce – we both chose peppercorn – a wedge salad, the choice of chips or a baked potato an onion loaf and vegetables. They forgot my onion loaf but I ate my non onion eating boyfriends so it didn’t matter. I also had both wedge salads which they brought to the table about 10 minutes before the food – which baffled us but kept me quiet so it didn’t matter. Thanks to Miller and Carter, my boyfriend now likes steak, so if anything that’s an achievement and we will be going back purely on the basis that he liked it and it filled us up. I wasn’t a big fan of the prawns or lobster thermidore and wouldn’t order it again but the beef wellington was a dream. The baked potato was average and the vegetables a bit bland but overall the whole thing was tasty and well cooked and I’d definitely go back. I don’t know how quickly I’d go back if it wasn’t so close but that’s more about atmosphere and less about the food, all in all it was worth the £30 a head and for a chain it did pretty good. If you’ve got one nearby and you can’t be bothered to cook or travel then this ticks all the boxes. Hawksmore is next on the list now steak is an option.164222_10151577630742642_1064444643_n 554975_10151577630812642_1352620526_n205244_10151577631142642_2123874148_n67012_10151577637267642_618825382_n734172_10151577630937642_47579485_n544637_10151577637157642_1315301065_n482199_10151577631082642_1603335291_n537688_10151577636892642_1348803397_n

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