The burger quest continued tonight but in much smaller form; Lucky Chip Slider Bar, another one of Soho’s little back door finds that you absolutely, definitely must visit before you die. Now I can’t say I cared much for the hour and a half wait, grubby toilets, overpriced drinks, lack of chicken buckets or the managers attitude but everything else was completely and utterly superb. It’s not easy to find, so after walking around in the rain for a while I was quite pissed off. The outside is very nondescript and if I hadn’t been told  it was next to Agent Provocateur on Broadwick Street then I would probably still be looking for it now.

Lucky Chip  is in the basement and on first impressions looks much more like a bar than a restaurant. It’s very dark and lit by not a lot more than neon lights. We were seated at what I thought was the best table in the house, right by the Lucky Chip light on high bar stools. Now as I said, they were out of chicken buckets, which upset me more than anything in the world ever, but I’m going to consider it a blessing in disguise because if they hadn’t been out of chicken buckets then we wouldn’t have got to experience the ribs. Oh dear lord, the ribs. Even if you go and just order the ribs, you will thank me. They come two per portion so we had one each and they were literally the size of my hand (I have small hands but still) I don’t know how big the pig must have been but I don’t think these are the kind of pigs you see at a farm as a child. Not only were they HUGE but they were deep fried to perfection which made them crispy as hell. Crispy, sticky, sweet and meaty. What more could you want? I’m pretty sure these ribs could turn any vegetarian into a carnivore and if it didn’t then that vegetarian is strong, realllllll strong. I could probably go on about these ribs for an eternity but I won’t. We also ordered mac ‘n’ cheese with jalapeños and pancetta to compensate the lack of chicken and it was hands down the best mac ‘n’ cheese that’s ever passed my lips.

The deal with the sliders is £10 for two and they come with fries, so I went for the double cheeseburger and the pulled pork burger.The double cheeseburger was sensational. I can’t fault it except maybe I wish it wasn’t a slider and instead was a burger the size of my face. The pulled pork burger on the other hand I could have lived without. Partly because it needed a burger alongside the pulled pork and partly because I’ve definitely had better pulled pork but it didn’t really matter and tasted really good either way. The other people I was with ordered the ‘El Chappo’ and apparently it was so good they were tempted to order another round for dessert. The fries were out of this world. They were the thinnest, crispest, saltiest chips I’ve ever had and probably the most moorish things I’ve ever eaten.

Between four of us we ordered a peanut butter and white chocolate pie, an ice cream burger and two sundaes. Now the ice cream burger was a novelty and looked better than it tasted – essentially just a choc ice in a bun with some jelly and fruity sauces but I still enjoyed it. The ice cream sundae with Bourbon butterscotch and caramel popcorn was obviously delicious but the piece de resistance – the cherry on the top of the cake – the king of the castle, was the peanut butter and white chocolate pie. I’m not evening going to carry on, just go and have one. I promise.. you will not regret it.


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