Move over Nando’s you’ve got some serious bloody competition when it comes to Chicken Shop. Only a stones throw away from Pizza East and Dirty Burger in Kentish Town – all part of the Soho House brand, this place really knows how to cook a chicken. And I mean, REALLY knows. It’s puts Nando’s to shame and makes those rotisserie chickens you get at Tesco seem like dog food. I don’t know what it is they season the chicken with but it’s working. I’d kind of like to take that home with me and rub it all over everything in the fridge, stick it on a skewer and start up a fire in the garden. No kidding, it’s brilliant, completely and utterly brilliant. The crinkle cut fries and corn on the cob were the perfect accompaniments and the smokey sauce was just what I needed to lather all over my meal. We went for the famous apple pie for dessert because we’d heard so much about and it didn’t disappoint – although I’d have like more crust because it was SO good. One dessert between the two of us wasn’t enough so we then also ordered the warm chocolate brownie and ice cream. I have no complaints and the whole thing was sensational. The atmosphere was buzzing, the service was exceptional and the decor was spot on. Can’t fault this place, you’ve all got to go. Absolutely bangin.181001_10151538849837642_1153742331_n 563356_10151538849967642_123386186_n285473_10151538848712642_856207179_n 625608_10151538848637642_1915388306_n 542802_10151538848782642_1340520430_n528448_10151538848852642_1175527313_n313390_10151538848937642_472852152_n574792_10151538849002642_354634483_n563304_10151538849172642_792014333_n734626_10151538849237642_76114471_n419320_10151538849327642_270695842_n484997_10151538849392642_1381811842_n574966_10151538849542642_1596472544_n387397_10151538849467642_100176065_n581795_10151538849077642_620139245_n67081_10151538850082642_183927182_n

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