Now it’s not often you see me Jewing it up like this but tonight I fully gave into my roots and devoured a sandwich that would make Adam Richmond proud. I’ve been to The Delisserie before but years ago I think all I had then was a shake. I didn’t expect much from this New York Deli style restaurant in Temple Fortune because to be honest it was my Nana’s choice and there wasn’t a single non Jew in there. Not that I’m anti-semetic or anything, big up the Jews and all that but I wouldn’t really say they’re at the top of the list of places to be on a Monday night in north-west London. Anyway, the decor was average and the atmosphere was lousy but fuck me was the food good. I looked around me on arrival and all I could see was kids portions of shitty looking nachos and measly cheeseburgers that looked like they had seen better days. Now I’m always the first to say ‘when in Rome’ and I believe that if you’re in an Italian restaurant then you should have pasta. So tonight I ordered a piled high sandwich of salt beef on rye with chopped liver and caramelized onions. The non Jewish majority of you are either thinking ‘what?’ or ‘ew’ but my god, TRUST ME, it was amazing. Genuinely cannot fault it in any way whatsoever and for once in my life, I was full. The onion rings were out of this world and the entire bowl of pickled cucumbers was a dream. Not really got much more to say other than if you go, order the Jew food and pile it high with Man vs Food style with sandwiches. L’Chaim. 485030_10151533194532642_2087308078_n 487266_10151533196262642_1619317242_n 482433_10151533195912642_1043856098_n 482603_10151533196197642_1108111343_n526071_10151533194472642_1489754857_n


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