I spent most of last week in Birmingham, I had some time off work and I FINALLY got to go to The Junction in Harborne. Considering it’s my boyfriends local and one of my favourite people ever works there, it’s slightly obscene that this was just my first visit. I’ve been banging on about how much I want the pulled pork cheeseburger ever since I saw a photo of it on Instagram and boy am I glad it finally happened. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when we arrived and were told the kitchen was closed. Imagine my face, I could have cried. The friend of mine that works there had to break the news to me and sent us off down the road somewhere else. Then I got the call, the call telling me that the chef was back in the kitchen in his chef whites to make me my pulled pork cheeseburger. If that’s not dedication then fuck knows what is. Seriously made my day and for that I will always love The Junction, thank you guys. So anyway, we got to watch the chef  making our food – the open plan kitchen was a real bonus for me. When it came it fully lived up to my expectations. Piled high good quality beef with melted cheese and mountains of BBQ pulled pork and salad. It looked so so good, and it tasted even better. The fries were crispy, golden and perfect and the burger was top notch, my only fault would be that the burger could have been a little pink in the middle but it didn’t really matter because the pulled pork complimented it so well. The burger sauce was a lovely added extra and I lathered it all over the burger as well as dipping my chips in it. Well done guys, I’ll definitely be back, the rest of the menu looks really tempting and with a brilliant selection of drinks you can’t really go wrong. I highly recommend that all you brummie locals go and try it, you’ll thank me, I promise.


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