Last night saw the beginning of my Bubbledogs obsession. Seriously, why the hell has it taken me SO long to go. I hadn’t heard that much about it other than it does hot dogs and champagne and it’s cool. The stuff I had heard was mediocre and that certainly does not describe what is it. Yes, essentially it is just hot dogs and champagne but 1. how fucking cool is it that you get get hot dogs with champagne and 2. somebody please show me somewhere you can get a hot dog that good in London. Anyone? No, didn’t think so. So added to the amazingly delicious hot dogs, is the ridiculous choice of toppings. Honestly, a breakfast hot dog with black pudding bits.. who comes up with this shit? With an incredibly imaginative menu of hot dogs that resemble meals from all over the world (think USA, Mexico, Japan..) and an extensive drinks list that would have a recovering alcoholic shaking in their boots, this place is not one to miss. Whether you go all out and have bubbles or just stick to a bottle of beer, there is a lot of choice. And choice is something I like. A lot.

I cannot fault this place, my only negative point was the wait. We got there at about 6.15pm on a Tuesday evening and were told we would have to wait (in the cold) for 45 minutes and that we would be seated by 7. We were seated by 7.15 (after watching a number of bigger groups push past us to get to their table) and were not apologized to about the wait. I was pissed off about this until I took the first sip of champagne and then I didn’t give a shit. We ordered pink fizz, the cheap one and it was DELICIOUS. I wanted an entire bottle but I guess I’ll have to save that for a special occasion. After much deliberating (even though I’d been deciding what I was going to have for about 2 weeks) I went for the Sloppy Joe. I thought it was apt seen as though I was there with somebody called Jo, my boyfriend is also called Joe and I fucking love Sloppy Joe’s and chilli cheese dogs. Couldn’t say no really. My friend ordered the Breakie (wrapped in bacon with a fried egg and black pudding bits) and we shared a corn dog and sweet potato fries. Considering I’ve never had a corn dog before and it’s something I’ve always dreamt of trying at a hot dog stand in New York, I was pretty fucking pleased when I got to sample one this good, in London. Really cannot describe in words how good it all was. Literally not a bad word to say. The sweet potato fries were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had and the pink champagne washed it all down perfectly. Our bill came to £21 each, service included, which was more than acceptable considering how good it was. All in all, Bubbledogs was a success.

Other things that made me happy: The bubble-esque lights hanging from the ceiling and the bathrooms covered in menus. MENUS GOD DAMMIT. Anybody that knows me will know that there is nothing I love more than a good menu. I could have spent all day in the fucking toilets. Well done Bubbledogs, well done!

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